Best Electric Power Washer Review

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Best Electric Power Washer Review

Have you ever seen how great cars look on TV? Or marvel at the squeaky clean houses you see in sitcoms? Well, if you’re wondering how, the answer is power cleaners. When it comes to clinical and effortless cleaning, you will hardly find any better equipment than these. Power cleaners are increasingly gaining popularity among homemakers who simply can’t get enough of the efficiency they provide. Apart from that, they can make outdoor cleaning hassle-free and comfortable. In this electric power washer ratings guideline, we are going to look at everything you need to know about power washers.

How Power Washers Work

Before we begin, we should understand the basic principle of operation of a power washer. The water makes its entrance into the machine at low pressure. A gas motor or electric engine regulates a pump that pushes the water out through a hose and a splash tip at a higher pressure. This procedure offers more cleaning force and control than a regular garden hose and permits you to effectively conduct a number of outdoor cleaning jobs.

Our Top Pick: Karcher K3.540

Karcher K3.540

Among the electric power cleaner, the best we have to offer you is Karcher K3.540. It's lightweight and effectiveness, easy operation makes it a great tool to have. 

Different Types of Power Washers

There are two types of power cleaners. They are electric power cleaners and gas power cleaners. However, for the sake of convenience of the homeowner, we are going to focus strictly on electric power cleaners in this guideline. Therefore, if you are looking to find out more about electric power cleaners, read on below for everything you need to know.

Electric Power Cleaners

If you’re looking for small-scale, light cleaning job, electrical power cleaners can be your answer. The best electric power washer can help you in cleaning activities such as cleaning porch furniture and vehicles. They run silently and are lighter in weight than gas models. The electric engine is ignited with the help of a switch. Electric power cleaners operate cleaner than a gas motor power cleaner.

Some electric power cleaner producers indicate that their gadgets should be connected straight to an outlet plugging the in-built power cord only, rather than with an extension cord. Consider this while figuring out where you would do the actual cleaning in your home and try to incorporate that into your buying decision. You should also adhere to the manufacturer's directions for associating an electric power cleaner to an electrical source. On the off chance that your power washer is compliant with an additional extension cord, make sure you only use the sort of cord allowed by the maker.

You should proceed with caution when using an extension cord. In the event that your energy device draws, more power than your line can deal with, you could cause a fire to start. Before using your energy line, consider these things.

  • Make sure your cord matches the workplace, whether it's indoors or outdoors. Power lines marked for outdoor use have strong shielding to shield from climate and harm.
  • Ensure the quantity of prongs fit the outlet you'll be utilizing. Get a cord that meets the amperage needs of the apparatus you're utilizing. Consult the instruction manual for help.
  • Remember the line's gauge for extreme yield. The lower the gauge number, the more power the string conveys.
  • Keep in mind that excess isn't better with the string length. The more drawn out the string, the less power is conveyed to the thing you're driving.
  • Remember both gauge and length values while selecting a power line. 
  • Also, remember to keep the power cords dry and away from the water while in use.

Power Cleaner Types

  • Know Your Clearner
  • Light-duty cleaners:
  • medium-duty cleaners:

Light-duty Cleaners: The light-duty cleaners are the ones that are evaluated beneath 2000 PSI. The pressure yield value is described in pounds per square inch (PSI). This value of the gadget is an element in deciding the sort of duties it can handle effectively. The light-duty cleaners work best to clean porch furniture and home siding as well as autos, trucks and water crafts. They can also handle walkways, garages, porches, decks and fences.

Power Cleaner Buying Guide

The pressure out value is denoted by pounds per square inch (PSI) measures the cleaner’s ability to perform cleaning duties efficiently. Apart from the power washer PSI rating, pay consideration on the water volume the machine conveys, which is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). A higher PSI value gives more profound cleaning, while a higher GPM implies better cleaning and washing of hard to-reach surfaces. Use both PSI and GPM values to decide the cleaning force of a power cleaner. The more prominent the combination of the numbers, the more area you can clean proficiently.

Now that you know the basics about power cleaners, you must be looking around for the perfect model for your home. Below you will find some criterion that you should keep in mind before buying a power cleaner.

  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Type of cleaning work
  • Amount of water to use

In the first place, consider the cleaning work you need to do, and then select the right machine from one of three classifications. Different power cleaners handle different residential, light-business and even some professional-scale cleaning jobs. Finding out your cleaning objective will help you make the right buying choice and furnish you with the best power washer for the application. You should also factor in the frequency of use of the power cleaner. If you need it for prolonged use throughout the year, you should probably invest in a higher-priced cleaner. Unless you plan to clean frequently, a lightweight electric one can take care of your needs. You should also consider how much water you want to use during cleaning. Some cleaners use hot water for cleaning purposes, while most others use cold water. While hot water can clean better, they are heavier in size than the cold water ones. All of these factors should be taken into account before you decide to buy.

If you’re looking for the best electric power washer for home use, look for the highest rated electric power washer having a PSI value of between 1300 to 1900. These are quite suitable for hassle-free home use. You can use these cleaners for washing cars, outdoor furniture, grills, plastic play sets, small decks and patios. You should be looking at a highest rated electric power washer having compact size and lightweight build. It should have a flexible high-pressure hose along with a variety of nozzles. Furthermore, it should also have a pro-style steel spray wand, on-board detergent tank, and on-board storage for spray gun, long wand nozzles, hose and power cord.

If you’re searching for the medium-duty power cleaners, go for the ones having a PSI range of 2000 to 3100. These amounts to two to two and half gallons of water per minute. These highest rated electric power washers can take care of medium range residential and light-commercial cleaning jobs. Decks, patios, siding, fences, vehicles, boats etc. can be cleaned with these. If you’re searching for these, make sure you go for the ones with premium overhead cam or overhead valve engine. The cleaners with axis-mounted cam pump with aluminum or brass heads can be used to handle higher pressures. A sturdy, heavy-duty build will help it to maintain its stability. Furthermore, consider models that include large wheels for easy mobility. It is also advisable to choose the models that have steel-rimmed high-pressure hose, pro-style steel spray wand with easy-connect coupling and a variety of spray nozzles.

Start your journey to find the best electric power cleaner by taking a look at some of our top picks. Choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Karcher K3.540:

The Karcher K3.540 is a reliable, but inexpensive power cleaner. This electric washer operates using an induction engine which cools water to produce an 1800 PSI at 1.5 GPM with a straight drive pivotal pump. It is visually appealing and easy to work with. It runs with few performance issues and the astounding service and client support of Karcher makes it a genuine contender to take home.


  • It is lightweight and effective.
  • Operation is effortless.
  • Overall, great tool to have.


  • This cleaner has got plastic tips rather than metal ones. It has a vertical alignment which might cause it to tip over.
electric pressure washer rating

AR Blue Clean AR383:

The AR Blue Clean AR383 packs 1900 PSI power, which offers you a lot of options and cleaning power. This washer is simple to use with heaps of benefits provided by AR North America. It is quite reasonably priced considering the options you are allowed. If you don’t prefer gas power cleaners, this might be suitable for you.


  • This power cleaner has simple operation and light weight.
  • It has variety of connections and high usability.


  • The wand can now and then get tangled and is made from hard plastic. 
  • It is also prone to leaks if the connections are loose.
best electric pressure washer

Sun Joe SPX3000:

This electric power washer is driven by a 14.5 ampere, 1800-watt engine. The cleaner produces up to 2030 PSI water pressure and 1.76 GPM water stream for upgraded and extensive cleaning power. It also has a 30-feet hose and 20-feet power cord.


  • This power cleaner has a Total Stop System, which powers down the pump if the trigger isn't locked in.


  • This cleaner doesn’t have a reserve water tank. That means, you have to keep it connected to the water source during use. 
  • It is also prone to leaks if the connections are loose.
electric pressure washer ratings
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Useful Electric Power Washer Tips:

The process of using the highest rated electric power washers fluctuate based upon what you're cleaning, yet there are some things in general you should keep in mind.

Stand on a steady surface where you have great parity and strong balance and also keep the power cleaner here for safe operation.

You should wear the eye security gear included with the power cleaner by the power cleaner maker. If you’re using a gas power washer, wear protective ear gear. You should never leave a splash gun unattended while the power washer is running. Furthermore, you need to use the right spout setting for the right surface. Remember that, using a spout setting that focuses a lot of force can harm a few surfaces. Check the manual to discover data on shower settings and how far the splash tip ought to be from the surface you're cleaning. Additionally, know about where you're placing the splash. You should never point the splash gun at individuals, creatures or plants. Also, keep the splash far from electrical apparatuses, power sources and electrical cables to avoid accidents.


Electric power washers need appropriate maintenance to operate effectively and survive longer. All models require systems, for example, general examination and pump care. On the off chance that you store a power cleaner in a cold place, you have to find a way to keep the pump from solidifying. Other support shifts by model.


Some best electric power washers can work with additional instruments and adornments, offering you some assistance to clean more rapidly and with better results. For example, there are brushes, which let you apply more scouring power to the cleaning surface. There are also expansion wands and splash tips to help you clean second-story homes and home exteriors. Calculated nozzles can work with augmentations to clean drains. Surface cleaners with turning planes can offer you some assistance with cleaning carports and walkways. Power cleaner chemicals are accessible for various sorts of cleaning. Utilize just those prescribed by the power cleaner maker. A few producers have particular chemicals affirmed for use in their gear.

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