Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Review

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Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Review

Briggs and Stratton make some of the highest quality pressure washers on the market today. They offer a wide variety of choices when you are considering purchasing a washer. They offer both gas and electric washers that will suit your needs. Whether you are interested in everyday home use, or if you are searching for something a little more industrial, Briggs and Stratton may have the right washer for you.

They offer light duty pressure washers that will work for washing your car, outdoor furniture and space with more power; their medium duty washers make it easy to wash the garage floor, decks, driveways and the siding of your home. Lastly, the heavy duty washers that are available will power through the toughest stains removing paint, rust or graffiti. One of their washers will be able to suit your needs, and make spring cleaning easier.

Who are Briggs and Stratton?

Briggs and Stratton come out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are the world’s largest producer of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. They design and manufacture some of the best power products of the day worldwide. With over one hundred years of experience, they are the number one manufacturer of pressure washers.

How do pressure washers work?

Those who shop for pressure washers may not completely understand how they work, and how to determine what type of washer will work for them. Sometimes a simple garden hose and soap is not enough to clean a winter and fall’s worth of grime that has built up. Pressure washers blast jets of pressurized water about seventy five times the pressure of a garden hose. They can also be adjusted to spray gently when needed.

Below are some key aspects to consider when shopping for a pressure washer:

  • Electric vs. gas models - Electric units are generally compact, quiet and easy to move around, they tend to be light duty machines. Whereas gas washers are more powerful, medium and heavy duty, and they are great for working outside where electricity is scarce.
  • Pressure washer parts - The parts include - electric motor or gas engine, water pump, water inlet etc. The motors power the water pump which pressurizes the water.
  • PSI and GPM - The higher the number of PSI or GPM, means the better the cleaning performance. The gas washers will have higher numbers than the electric washer. PSI means pounds per square inch, which measures the output of the water pressure. GPM means gallons per minute, which is the water flow going through the spray gun.
  • Nozzles - If you have a variety of work to do, you may want to consider a nozzle that supplies different types of streams. You may even be able to add a soap stream to the nozzle for a better clean.
  • Engines - A good engine will lead to great performance, reliability and for you to enjoy using your pressure washer. Some considerations are - whether it is easy to start, its power, durability, reliability and meeting environmental standards.

Choosing the right Briggs and Stratton power washer

With all of the options out there, we have decided to provide a few examples of great washers that could be the right option for you. This company prides themselves on the quality of their products, and it shows. They use their experience making engines to incorporate into these washers.

Here are some examples of the pressure washers they manufacture, all great choices:

Briggs  &  Stratton  20654  Electric Pressure Washer, 1700 PSI 1.3 GPM with Instant Start/Stop System

Briggs and Stratton 20593 Pressure Washer

What we like:

  • The instant start/stop system will only run when the spray gun trigger is pulled. This allows for quieter cleaning.
  • There is a detergent injection system that infuses the cleaning solution into the water stream. Cleaning is faster and easier with this added benefit.
  • The price for the value cannot be matched. This is a great, light duty machine that will help you get your outdoor area ready for summer.

What we do not like:

  • There is no detergent container supplied. There is only a detergent line; therefore you need to use your own bucket or other means of using the soap. The soap head is on the wand and only for low pressure.
  • The nozzle supplied has limited options for use. A new nozzle accessory may solve this issue if you need it.

Briggs  &  Stratton  20593  2.3-GPM  2800-PSI  -  Gas Pressure Washer  with  850-Professional Series 190cc Engine, Full Steel Frame and ReadyStart Technology

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer

What we like:

  • This medium duty washer is excellent for cleaning cars, patio furniture and driveways.
  • The washer is very durable and strong with a full steel frame and powder coating, which minimizes corrosion from all of the water it is subjected to.
  • The design of this machine is excellent. It has four quick-connect spray tips and easy start technology.

What we do not like:

  • Some consumers were disappointed that the machine showed up broken. This is rare, though, and they have customer service representatives to help you if you come across this.
  • Consumers also worry about the small reservoir tank, stating that a full gas tank will only last half an hour.

Briggs   &   Stratton   20601  POWERflow+  4.0-GPM   1800-PSI Electric   Pressure   Washer   with  7-in-1  Nozzle  and  26-Feet Hose, Red

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer
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What we like:

  • This light duty electric pressure washer features a higher pressure output pump, with a low effort electric start, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Briggs and Stratton incorporated their new technology, Powerflow Technology, which can switch between high pressure and high flow, depending on your need.
  • A seven in one nozzle is supplied, making it easy to switch from one pressure to the next. This is great for all types of jobs.

What we do not like:

  • Consumers complain that both the power cord and hose do not wrap up well for storage purposes.
  • It is also said that the quality of the machine is poor, and did not last through many uses. Replacement parts are difficult to find, as they are custom made for the machine.

PowerBoss  20649  Gas  Powered  Pressure  Washer 3100 PSI 2.7 GPM  Honda GC190  Engine  with  Easy Start Technology

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer
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What we like:

  • The steel spray wand has four quick connect spray tips, making cleaning at different angles easy.
  • This heavy duty machine provides a one gallon detergent tank, and no additional separate bucket of soap is required.
  • Easy start technology makes using this machine even easier. It is also durable with great performance with an adjustable pressure regulator.

What we do not like:

  • The wheels are only plastic tires, so they are more easily damages, but this is rare.
  • Some consumers were confused with the instructions, and ended up with an extra hose. Generally the extra hose was only that – extra.

Make a wise choice using the above information provided.

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