Powerstroke Pressure Washer – Great models, great prices!

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Powerstroke Pressure Washer – Great models, great prices!

Powerstroke pressure washers are great quality for the price. As a leading manufacturer of pressure washers, you cannot go wrong with one of their models. Powerstroke is known for their powerful generators, pressure washers, paint products and various power tools. With solid and reliable engines, Powerstroke pressure washers are able to tackle all of your around- the- house cleaning jobs, no matter the size. Their washers are powerful enough to accomplish any task you lay out.

You will want to choose your washer depending on the job size you need to accomplish. A light duty, electric model is great for smaller jobs. They are also more light weight and easy to maneuver. A medium duty pressure washer will give you the power you need, between 2000 and 3000 PSI, to scrub your deck, house siding, and other outdoor jobs. If you have some serious stains to tackle, then you might want to go for a heavy duty 3000 PSI or more.

Choosing the right Powerstroke pressure washer

Powerstroke has numerous different models of power washers. You want to find the one that will best fit your needs. Make a list of all of the jobs you believe you need a power washer for, and this will help you determine the strength and conveniences that power washers have.

Powerstroke PS80519B 2200 psi Gas Pressure Washer

Powerstroke PS80519B 2200 psi Gas Pressure Washer

This Powerstroke pressure washer is a great medium duty, gas powered machine. One great aspect about it is the compact frame for easy storage. It has a 140cc motor and an aluminum axial cam pump. These features speak of the washer’s durability and stability.

Here are some additional features and benefits:

  • Three nozzles, including one twenty five and one forty degree high pressure fans. There is also a low pressure soap nozzle to make cleaning easier.
  • The wand is a twenty one inch chrome plated spray with a quick connect nozzle coupler. The chrome helps prevent rusting.
  • The washer has an onboard hose, trigger gun, want and nozzle storage compartment. Storing this unit is easy and simple.

At only sixty pounds, this medium duty machine is light and easy to maneuver. This washer will definitely tackle any job you have at home, including siding, cars, furniture, and any other outdoor equipment. It is also PWMA certified.

  • Powerstroke does not offer the best in warranty, and there are some consumers who had some customer service trouble with this unit when something did go wrong. There are even a few consumers who say that the unit did not work right out of the box. But there were few and far between, and many consumers love the washer. Some even say it lost pressure after a few uses.
  • Keep in mind this washer received more five star reviews, as it was easy to assemble and worked well.

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Powerstroke PS14133 1700PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Powerstroke PS14133 1700PSI Electric Pressure Washer

This inexpensive, light duty, easy to use washer is a great choice for those who do not need as much pressure, or feel more comfortable with a smaller unit. The PS14133 is compact, with a roll cage frame design that provides increased stability and protection, all the while being easier to store.

Other great features and benefits of this electric washer include:

  • Three nozzles, including a fifteen degree nozzle, a turbo nozzle, and a low pressure soap nozzle for easy cleaning.
  • Unlike the unit above, this one has an on board one gallon detergent tank. This means you do not have to use a bucket of soap and carry that around in addition to the washer. It is all in one unit.
  • The hose reel makes storing the hose convenient and easy. Additionally, the wand and trigger handle are already connected to the provided high pressure hose.

This unit comes with a limited warranty, giving you more confidence when purchasing. It is small, compact and easy to move with you. It is great for the everyday cleaning of outdoor areas.

  • There have seemed to be some problems with the spray wand. It can leak, but replacements are available.
  • The good news is that this is the only problem with this washer that consumers complain about. It does not happen with every washer, and it is easy to replace if necessary.

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Powerstroke PS80947 2700 psi Gas Pressure Washer with Subaru Engine

Powerstroke PS80947 2700 psi Gas Pressure Washer

If you are looking for a professional grade washer, then this unit will work for you. It is a medium duty 2700 PSI gas powered pressure washer, with the quality name of Subaru behind the engine. That is the best feature, but here are some more:

  • This versatile washer has a pro-style angled nozzle and a soap spray nozzle for easy cleaning.
  • There is no worry about moving this washer around, as it comes with a twenty five foot, non-marring high pressure hose. You will be able to easily reach any job you have.
  • You can take this washer anywhere with its twelve inch tread cap wheels.

With the perfect power, this unit will stand up to any job, and will be highly durable throughout the years. It is also easily storable.

  • Again, the biggest complaint given about this unit is the Powerstroke customer service and warranty issues. Some consumers complain about the pressure diminishing after multiple uses. It is also said to be packaged poorly, leaving the possibility of damage during shipping, which in turn leads to the customer service and warranty issues.
  • Some advice, keep the receipt.

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Powerstroke PS80544 3000 PSI 2.5 GPM Pressure Washer

Powerstroke PS80544 Pressure Washer

This washer is a great example of a heavy duty, gas powered pressure washer. It provides this strongest pressure with a 2.5 GPM force and a reliable Powerstroke 212cc OHV engine. The features and benefits include:

  • Four pro-style spray nozzles, which can tackle any job.
  • Like the small electric model, this one provides a one gallon on board detergent tank as well.
  • As the best of best, this unit can also be taken across rough terrain with its flat free, twelve inch tread cap wheels.

This heavier washer also stores easily with a convenient hose, trigger gun, wand and nozzle storage built right in. You can use this on any large or small job you have, including sidewalks, patios, and house siding.

  • Many consumers had complaints about product packaging, so it was damaged before arrival.
  • The suggestion is to carefully open package on arrival and carefully inspect the product for damage.

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