Pressure Washer Repair Review

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Pressure Washer Repair Review

Just like any other machine, pressure washers can have damage which requires repair. Sometime it can be as simple as calling the manufacturer or the store where you bought the washer, and then have them send you a replacement part or have you bring it to a repair shop. You may also want to troubleshoot your pressure washer in order to determine if you can easily fix the problem.

There are also many websites, such as Sears Parts Direct, which has a database of models of pressure washers which include the most common problems with that model, and how to easily troubleshoot any problems. This can be a big help when trying to figure out the best route for your pressure washer repair. The best way to pressure washer repair is basic maintenance. If you maintain your machine, the less likely you are to have to repair it in the first place.

Pressure washer maintenance

Many pressure washer machines today are made so that little repair needs to occur. This includes coating the metal pieces or making them out of aluminium to prevent rust and corrosion. Use brass pieces instead of plastic lead to lessen wear and tear. A quality system that employs TSS or Total Stop System is technology that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not pulled. This saves energy and prolongs the pump life.

Keep in mind that different maintenance is required whether you are using a gas powered or electric pressure washer. Provided here are a few tips that will prolong the life of your entire pressure washer. This will save you money, as it is an investment, and prevent expensive or annoying repairs in the future.

  • Read you manual - Most people ignore the manual, but tips on properly storing and maintaining your washer are all right there at your fingertips. The information to look for includes - clearing clogs in the spray tip or nozzle; lubricating the connections for the hose, spray gun and wand; replacing the O-rings; cleaning debris from the cooling vents; and inspecting the muffler and spark arrestor if applicable.
  • Take care when putting your pressure washer away. Once you are finished using washer for the day, there are steps to take prior to putting it away that will help maintain your washer. This includes - rinsing the detergent from the washer; relieving the pressure from the machine; letting it cool down; disengaging all hoses and extensions and draining the remaining water; and cleaning off any debris.
  • Maintain the engine on your gas powered washer. To do this, you should - replace the engine oil; inspect the spark plug; check the air filter; and take care of the fuel system.

Long term storage, such as for over the winter or for longer than thirty days, requires a bit of extra work. Here are some tips on setting up pressure washer for the long winter months:

Follow all of the maintenance steps provided above and the ones below:

  • If you did not treat the fuel in a gas powered pressure washer with a stabilizer, then you should drain the oil into a gasoline container.
  • Store the washer in a dry area, protected from freezing temperatures. Also keep it away from heat sources that could dry out the pump seals.
  • Use a pump lubricant or antifreeze.
  • Use a cover that does not hold in moisture. These can be purchased from any hardware store.

Following these simple steps can help prevent the need for pressure washer repair. But things do happen.

Common repair problems

Again, a pressure washer is a machine, and therefore things can go wrong. If something does, always call the manufacturer to determine whether your washer is still under warranty. Always keep the paperwork and receipt handy.

  • Leaky hose

Examples of types of issue that can occur include a leaky hose. If this happens then your pressure washer has no pressure. This is something that can easily be fixed or replaced. To fix one, you need the right types of tools and experience to do it safely. It’s a high pressure hose, and therefore you can get hurt. You can replace it by finding a replacement online or in a store, or by calling the manufacturer.

  • Replacing the Pump

If the pump breaks on your pressure washer, it can be a real pain. Luckily, the pump can be replaced easily. Replacing this part will end up being less expensive than repairing it. If you want it repaired, you will have to bring it to an expert repair place near you. If you want to replace it, with a few tools you can do it yourself.

Follow these few steps:

  • Remove the old pump from the pressure washer by
  • Remove the thermal relief value from the old pump to make transfer easy.
  • Mount the new pump on the pressure washer by rotating the pump until the holes line up.
  • Fasten the new pump onto the washer using the three bolts previously removed.    

Pressure Washer Repair Kits

There are companies out there that supply comprehensive kits that will help you with various issues that occur with your unit. These kits come with the little pieces, such as O-rings, that will fit your machine. The little parts are easy to replace, but may not be sold on their own. Types of repair kits available include:

  • Check valve kit
  • Diaphragm kit
  • Extension kit
  • Oil seal kit
  • Injector kit
  • Packing seal kit
  • Pump engine oil drain kit

These are just a few options you have to choose from when looking for a way to repair your pressure washer.

No one wants to replace their entire pressure washer machine. Whether it is a new investment which you do not want or cannot afford to replace right away, or it is a machine that has been tried and true to you over the years. There are simple ways for you to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair your washer so that it will work for you in the years to come.

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