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Pressure washer tips are one of the key elements of power washers, and a quality nozzle tip ensures maximum cleaning power. The spray tips included in the packaging of the pressure washer are often cheap materials that might or might not work, which is why there are manufacturers who have made various spray tips available for those seeking to replace just the nozzle tips.

Choosing something as simple as this is much harder than it needs to be in today’s world. There are different brands and the products differ in terms of material used for its construction and the price tag.

Here is a list of some of the best pressure washer tips on the market.

Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips by Smartpainter

Our Top Pick: Smartpainter Pressure Washer Nozzle Tips

Smartpainter Pressure Washer Nozzle

The pressure washer nozzle tips from Smartpainter are cheap and efficient. The fact that it’s not from any popular brand has worked in the product’s favor this time around, as it is cheap. The company sells a package, which includes 5 nozzle tips, each colored to indicate a degree: Red tip (0 degrees), Yellow (15 degree), Green (25 degrees), White (40 degrees), and a Brass soap nozzle.


  • It is one of the cheapest packages on the market that also work well.
  • The product is offered in a variety of package selection options, based on the kind of pressure washer you own. The options available range from 2.0 GPM to 11.0 GPM.
  • A single package includes all 5 standard nozzle tips, so, you can easily interchange between the tips to make use of the cleaning device as you see fit.


  • They are not high quality steel, so they will rust eventually. But, for its price you really can’t complain much.
  • You will need to purchase the whole pack even if you only need a single tip.

Overall, these are great nozzle tips that will fit well in all brands of pressure washers. Its inexpensive cost makes it highly appealing. It’s not top quality stainless steel, and it will rust eventually, but at that point, you can just purchase a new pack.

These nozzle tips are even said to be more effective than the original tips included in brand-new pressure washers. Since it’s a whole pack, you won’t have to browse for separate nozzles for separate purposes.

Apache 99023778 3.5 Orifice Quick Disconnect Pressure Washer Spray Tip Kit

Apache 99023778 Pressure Washer Spray Tip Kit

Apache quick disconnect pressure washer spray tip kit is a nice little accessory for all kinds of pressure washers. The package kit includes 5 color coded quick disconnect spray tips. Each nozzle tip has been marked with separate colors to indicate a certain degree of pressure.

For instance, Red tip for 0 degrees, Yellow for 15 degrees, Green for 25 degrees, White for 40 degrees, and Brass for soap nozzle. The ¼” nozzle tips have been designed to improve the cleaning efficiency of your power washer.


  • These quick-connect tips work with most brands and are better than most company-provided nozzle tips.
  • The color coded nozzle tips included in the package are easy to sort out, and you won’t need to try out each one of them to use the one you need if you remember the colors.


  • The plastic ends tend to come off easily. 
  • You will need to purchase the whole kit, even if you only need a particular nozzle tip, say 0 degree tip.

The Apache nozzle tip kit comes as advertised. The multi-colored nozzle tips serve multiple purposes, fit most brands of pressure washers and are even more effective than most tips that are included with pressure washers.

The best thing about these tips is the cost efficiency. These affordable nozzle tips are great value for money.

Briggs & Stratton B4847GS Pressure Washer Quick-Connect Spray Tips

The brand name Briggs& Stratton has slightly upped the price of the kit, but these are magnificent. The kit contains 5 high pressure tips, each of which is color coded for easy recognition. The tips included are white (40 degrees), green (25 degrees), yellow (15 degrees), and red (0 degrees).

These pressure washer tips can be used to replace old, worn, or lost nozzle tips.


  • These ¼” quick connect nozzle tips are universal and will work with most pressure washer brands.
  • The kit comes with four high-pressure pre-defined spray patterns from pin-point (0 degrees) to a wide fan (40 degrees) for precise cleaning and one low pressure cleaning solution spray tip.


  • The plastic on the outside is of the cheap quality and is likely to break easily. But, it’s only just for show, so it shouldn't matter much. 
  • Check the products early to make sure that you haven’t received a damaged kit.
Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Spray Tips
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The spray tips from Briggs & Stratton is slightly costlier than other products in the similar category. But, with the brand name also comes better quality. The stainless steel used for the construction of the tips is durable and will last long before getting infected by rust. The kit features 5 different nozzle tips that are universal in size and will fit almost any washing system.

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All products are superb in their own rights and are quite similar. The color indication manner is the same and they all look alike. Each of the aforementioned product kit includes a 5 kit package, with the only major difference in the price.

Nozzle tips kit from Smartpainter is the cheapest on the list. It costs less than half of the nozzle tips from B&S, and is cheaper than the Apache product too. These will rust over time if they are constantly exposed to water and the surrounding, but so will all other brands of nozzle tips.

You can’t really argue much regarding the value offered by these products. It mainly comes down to how much you are willing to spend for a set of nozzle tips. Smartpainter also allows you to choose from a range of nozzle selection based on the power of your pressure washer.

Make sure your pressure washer is compatible with the set of nozzle tips you purchase. Properly study the features, pros and cons, and consider your budget in order to make an informed decision.

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